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dear mae,

last night i had a bit of a blast from the past when i found Unzipped on netflix.  that movie was such and inspiration to me when i was in college, i wanted to grow up to be isaac mizrahi.  i wanted his hair, his sunglasses, his job, his super model friends and posh lifestyle.  i still want his black laquer piano and his zebra skin rug.  the movie is phenomenal, if you haven’t seen it.  i love the styling of it, it’s gritty and dark and behind the scenes, with bursts of sunshine and color and glamour sprinkled throughout.  isaac cracks me up with his old movie quotes like “y’arn’t ever gorna leave this house…”

my favorite scene is in the beginning when isaac is confessing to his mother how he used to steal money from her every day as a child and was astonished to find out she never knew.  well, go ahead and watch it on netflix tonight and tell me what you think! i also saw a documentary on vidal sassoon that i might watch this afternoon before tomg gets home from work.


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hey mae,

netflix has officially ruined tv. now i have the power to watch whatever i want, whenever i want, and recently i have been watching 3rd rock from the sun.  this show encompasses so many amazing qualities: super 1990’s sit-com, a little bit of sci-fi and a whole lot of weird and funky fashions courtesy of a one, harry solomon.  he has the most amazing quirky style and the best men’s fur coat i’ve ever seen.  funny sweater vests, big pointy lapels, stripes, plaids, polka dots, furs, or florals, nothing is out of bounds! i’ve been so bent up on his style that i went out and bought some funny stripped pants, and have already worn them with plaids and goofy knitwear.

harry can even pull off that french nautical look

never saw a better looking sweater vest in my life.

just don’t tell the doctor or fox molder that i’ve been seeing someone else.

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so betty, i’m constantly on the look out for my new most-favorite style icon of years past! right now, for me, it’s all about twiggy!

twiggy was named the face of 1966 in the uk, and since then she has been one of the most recognized supermodel faces in the world. changing her name from lesley to twiggy (a childhood nickname, since she had legs like a couple of twigs) and cropping her hair, she gained an instant look to emulate in england. her thick eyelashes (the bottom row of which she drew on) are something i completely try to emulate, but never with the same success! she was the driving force behind the mod-look movement, and played a major role in women casting aside the 50s look for something more space-aged.

twiggy inspired a line of dresses, dolls, lunchboxes, tights, and even her own brand of eyelashes! she’s undoubtedly a style icon with amazing longevity.

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