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dear mae,

for mother’s day (my first one!) tom took me into portland for breakfast and some light shopping (before i got super pooped and had to go home).  he stepped into lush with me and said, “yeah, just get whatever you want, i have to wait outside. it’s smelly in here.” awe, how sweet…. but really it is, that’s his way of saying “i love you, darling, why don’t you treat yourself to some lovely soaps and such, and i’ll wait outside so as not to deter or rush you, whatever you want, love.”

so, i took my time and smelled each bath bomb and picked a few that i loved from past experiences, and a couple of new ones, and gabbed and sampled and lusted and came away with a bunch of goodies. so much fun to shop there, if sometimes a little overwhelming (and a little smelly).

anywho, today i started my maternity leave, and doggoneit, i started it right.  had a gal pal and her baby over for dinner, watched peter davison defeat some cybermen while i painted my nails, and then bath time.  right now bath time is a bit of a double edged sword in that i can’t have the water too hot, my belly can’t fit under the water (apartment bathtub grrr) and it’s very hard to get in and out of, but on the other hand, i can appreciate it so much more, my muscles feel so relaxed and i can sit in there for an hour without even thinking about getting out.

tonight i went for a rosy theme, which happens to be one of my favorite scents of all time. i’m longing for some of the rose tea i got from the test gardens last summer with my mom.  first i ran my bath over the madame butterfly reusabubble bubble bar filling my bath with pink suds and a rosy aroma, yet shortly after getting into the tub i was left with nothing but pink water (this product is no longer availible on lush’s website, maybe this is why).   so when that was done with i tossed in a tisty tosty bath bomb because i was feeling a bit jipped, and this totaly did the trick. it smells so good i felt like it was a waste to drain the sweet smelling water.  something in it reminds me of tinker bell makeup from when i was a kid, but i can’t place it.  and now it’s time to relax with a cup of tea and some granny squares.  i keep sniffing my arms, i smell so good….

those are real little rosebuds in there! maybe i’ll remember to take them out of the tub before tom steps on them thinking they are weird wet dead bugs in the bath. or maybe i won’t.

i know the rest of my maternity leave isn’t going to smell nearly this pleasant or be this relaxing, but i’m wholeheartedly looking forward to it. tomorrow i’m having some professional photos taken but other than that i’ve got nothing on my calender but baby birthing and child rearing! 




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dear mae,

i came home from work this afternoon to a quiet, empty house, and immediately started running a bath.  after a very, very long week i needed some relaxing, soothing me time.  i don’t generally like to buy bath products off of the internet, because i like to smell everything before i buy, but i stepped out of my comfort zone, without stepping out of my house buy shopping with long leaf soaps on etsy.

i started off with the gingered bergamot bubble bomb, which produced a shimmering cascade of bubbles and a soothing, earthy scent. i’m thinking this should really come in a perfume or something, because let me tell you, i smell amazing right now, and don’t really have time for a bubble bath every morning.  i also purchased the karma soap, because i’m a big fan of lush’s karma scent, but this one is much more subtle.  it doesn’t have the strong patchouli smell lush’s does, but holds it’s own with a lighter, yet still spicy and earthy smell.  i suppose i prefer not to smell like portland’s saturday market every day.  after i emptied the hot water heater (two bath’s full!) i spread a little of the sandalwood lotion bar on my hands arms and feet, and now i’m about ready to make a cup of tea and wrap up in my blankie on the sofa for some hardcore crochet time.  i just may do that.

all in all a rather successful purchase, the only down side being that i didn’t get that instant gratification of bringing home something the moment i find it, but it’s always satisfying to get a gift in the mail, even if you bought it for yourself.

❤ always,



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