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dear mae,

for mother’s day (my first one!) tom took me into portland for breakfast and some light shopping (before i got super pooped and had to go home).  he stepped into lush with me and said, “yeah, just get whatever you want, i have to wait outside. it’s smelly in here.” awe, how sweet…. but really it is, that’s his way of saying “i love you, darling, why don’t you treat yourself to some lovely soaps and such, and i’ll wait outside so as not to deter or rush you, whatever you want, love.”

so, i took my time and smelled each bath bomb and picked a few that i loved from past experiences, and a couple of new ones, and gabbed and sampled and lusted and came away with a bunch of goodies. so much fun to shop there, if sometimes a little overwhelming (and a little smelly).

anywho, today i started my maternity leave, and doggoneit, i started it right.  had a gal pal and her baby over for dinner, watched peter davison defeat some cybermen while i painted my nails, and then bath time.  right now bath time is a bit of a double edged sword in that i can’t have the water too hot, my belly can’t fit under the water (apartment bathtub grrr) and it’s very hard to get in and out of, but on the other hand, i can appreciate it so much more, my muscles feel so relaxed and i can sit in there for an hour without even thinking about getting out.

tonight i went for a rosy theme, which happens to be one of my favorite scents of all time. i’m longing for some of the rose tea i got from the test gardens last summer with my mom.  first i ran my bath over the madame butterfly reusabubble bubble bar filling my bath with pink suds and a rosy aroma, yet shortly after getting into the tub i was left with nothing but pink water (this product is no longer availible on lush’s website, maybe this is why).   so when that was done with i tossed in a tisty tosty bath bomb because i was feeling a bit jipped, and this totaly did the trick. it smells so good i felt like it was a waste to drain the sweet smelling water.  something in it reminds me of tinker bell makeup from when i was a kid, but i can’t place it.  and now it’s time to relax with a cup of tea and some granny squares.  i keep sniffing my arms, i smell so good….

those are real little rosebuds in there! maybe i’ll remember to take them out of the tub before tom steps on them thinking they are weird wet dead bugs in the bath. or maybe i won’t.

i know the rest of my maternity leave isn’t going to smell nearly this pleasant or be this relaxing, but i’m wholeheartedly looking forward to it. tomorrow i’m having some professional photos taken but other than that i’ve got nothing on my calender but baby birthing and child rearing! 




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dear mae,

i’ve been thrifting! gosh i love it, the smell of mothballs and old, old perfumes, digging though piles, bins and racks.  nothing better, in my book.  except for maybe an estate sale.  this is what tom and i picked up this week from goodwill this week!

i picked out the bed sheet because it reminded me of rosmary’s baby, but i don’t think it’s going to go on my bed, it might make me some lovely curtains, or perhaps a sundress.  my pyrex collection is getting pretty out of hand, if there is such a thing, but i’ve moved on to straight corningware.  i found some crazy daisy bowls and teacups, as well as a couple random pyrex pieces.  when we went to the beach a few weeks ago i realized that i no longer have a thermos.  i used to have a terrific, huge, hot pink one, but i don’t know where it’s gone, so i replaced it with this chubby little yellow guy! i’ll be happy to have it in the wintertime i’m sure.

tom came across this fabulous map rolled up in the arts and crafts isle.  he bought it before he even knew that it was a map of portland.  i was pleased to see that it even includes our small town in the southern suburbs! tres cool! it’s covered in stickies with peoples names on them, perhaps friends of the previous owner.  it reminds me of the map we used to have of oakland county, but not quite as awesome, as this one doesn’t roll up and retract, but very awesome, none the less.  in total we spent less than $20, quite thrifty indeed!

❤ betty

p.s. i did make a dress and a curtain! see my next post!!

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as you know, i work the solo graveyard shift in a cardiac office. it doesn’t really allot me the opportunity to dress biz caz (business casual) around my co-workers. so when they decided i needed more day time hours, i got to pull out this little number to look cute yet professional.

day 3

shrunken jacket, flea market; dress, urban outfitters; tights, primark.

it’s a little more basic, with double black; a shiny blue print lets my personality pop through a bit without looking like fran fine of “the nanny”!

❤ mae

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hey betty!

i spend an incredible amount of time scouring the racks at thrift and vintage stores, like any vintagenista (vintage fashionista? maybe this is taking word fusion too far.) there are a lot of unsung heroes in my closet right now, dying to get their day in the sun. so, i’m issuing myself a challenge: 30 days, 30 outfits, 30 photos… and hopefully, 30 equally ridiculous title puns. without further whatsit, let’s get dressed!

day 1

floral prom dress, ebay vintage; cardigan, old navy; scarf, thrifted; leggings, christmas gift (thanks, mum!); beatle boots, target.

since it’s blue monday (allegedly the most depressing day of the year, since it’s cold and dark) i wanted to wear some bright florals. i don’t know what it is about girly girl wear; i can’t ever wear a flowery pink anything without wearing something a little “tough.” ergo, some boots that could have been straight out of noel fielding‘s closet. and of course, jackson the pug had to come check out my boots!

see you tomorrow for day 2.

❤ mae

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hey betty!

in continuing my series of warming up old blog posts, and serving them up with new panache, here’s a dandy: all about how the one-off is no good for your wardrobe!


throwaway culture: reclaim your duds

i was reading a celebrity fashion blog the other day that criticized a number of young famous fashionistas for wearing the same frock twice, or going out in a top they had work weeks before. unfortunately, this is causing a sweeping mindset in we, the normal public, that clothing is a one-off; that you shouldn’t be caught dead recycling an outfit. sadly, the celebutants and media have that way of creating a pressure to consume! consume! consume! and get a new top for 365 days of the year.

frankly, i find that lacking in creativity! it’s super fun for me to find new ways to work in my clothing to suit my ever-changing mood and persona de jour. so give it a go yourself!! a few things to consider…

  • don’t be afraid to mix patterns. plaids and flowers and stripes!? they may go better together than you think. try to balance the sizes: if you have a big plaid, stick with small flowers. small stripes? even it out with a large floral print.
  • dressy and casual can co-mingle. a shrunken boy’s tuxedo jacket can look awesome over jeans and a tee.
  • there isn’t a color that can go with any other color. ok, so this might not be strictly true. but as an individual who would never mix purple and green, red and pink, black and blue, i can assert that putting two or more together might create something wonderful!

play dress up for an afternoon, and maybe have a friend come over to help the creativity flow! you might create a look that you never thought you could, with just what you have already in your wardrobe. one thing all of my personae can agree on: the button down skirt is a versatile keeper.


the series continues later this week. happy monday, everyone!

❤ ❤ mae

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hey betty!

do you remember, a while back, when i first started writing about thrifting, vintage clothing, and how to score a great outfit on the cheap? whilst poking around online, i managed to dig up my old blog (which has long since been shut down, due to some  miscommunications: a title name that was less than original, and not well-researched .) luckily, all my old blog articles remained intact. since they were not around for more than a couple months, and undoubtedly did not get the opportunity to be shared with you, i figured i’d share them here!


vintage shops vs. thrift shops: a price showdown

anyone who’s gone on a quest for clothing with antique character can tell you: there is a monumental difference between thrift shops and vintage shops, despite the near-identical merchandise. so, wherein lies the major differences?

vintage shops: vintage shops are a wonderful way to take the guesswork out of your vintage shopping. everything is likely in tip-top condition, and from eras that thrift shops could only dream of! the shop owner has done the leg work of sifting through the less-than-perfect items, so it’s easier to find exactly what you want. chances are the owner has arranged the shop in a way that reflects the eclectic nature of a vintage shop, which can make it a really charming experience. the downside? you may be paying upward of $200 for a garment at some high-end vintage shops. in some cases, like a perfectly preserved chanel handbag, it may be worth saving up for. but if your aim is to save while you indulge in some antiqued accoutrements, you’re better off looking through the racks of the thrift shop.

thrift shops: thrift shops are the quick’n’dirty way of getting vintage garb at extremely low prices. there is generally a distinct lack of atmosphere that’s present in a vintage shop that is replaced with an air of almost a clothing archeologist: you want to discover, you gotta dig! you’re far less likely to find an armani sweater amongst the “rubble”, but it’s been done! (for $3.99, nonetheless!) if you’re shopping what is largely considered “the big 3” (goodwill, salvation army, st. vincent depaul) you might even find the rogue student discount day or even more magical, bag day: the day when you bring in a grocery bag and fill er up for one low price! thrift shops will be more likely to entertain bartering, so take advantage of it. the downside? the quality may not always be the best, and sometimes it’s a very disappointing experience to not find what you’re looking for. in that case, try your hand at the vintage shops!

bottom line? save up for those unforgettable items at a vintage shop; they’re worth it! but always show love to the thrift shops, because you’ll never know what you might find.


❤ ❤ mae

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