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hey betty!

i found these amazing shoes at salvation army last week, and i just couldn’t believe it! i had been looking for the perfect oxfords for a while now, and these fit the bill: they were in great condition, like brand new, and had a great vintage feel. at $1.50, i immediately made them mine.

on my next trip to target, i found out why they were in such good shape: they were on the clearance rack for $4.25! i was completely thrilled that i managed to get a brand, new pair of shoes at an even deeper discount (though i would have gladly paid the extra couple bucks for these beauties.)

so if you are like me, and looking for an adorable (and comfy!) shoe that looks like it’s straight out of the late 50’s, check your nearest target clearance section! if you’re nowhere near a target, they’re still available online, but at a slightly higher price point of $16.99.

❤ ❤


(image via target.com)


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