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dear mae,

i’ve been thrifting! gosh i love it, the smell of mothballs and old, old perfumes, digging though piles, bins and racks.  nothing better, in my book.  except for maybe an estate sale.  this is what tom and i picked up this week from goodwill this week!

i picked out the bed sheet because it reminded me of rosmary’s baby, but i don’t think it’s going to go on my bed, it might make me some lovely curtains, or perhaps a sundress.  my pyrex collection is getting pretty out of hand, if there is such a thing, but i’ve moved on to straight corningware.  i found some crazy daisy bowls and teacups, as well as a couple random pyrex pieces.  when we went to the beach a few weeks ago i realized that i no longer have a thermos.  i used to have a terrific, huge, hot pink one, but i don’t know where it’s gone, so i replaced it with this chubby little yellow guy! i’ll be happy to have it in the wintertime i’m sure.

tom came across this fabulous map rolled up in the arts and crafts isle.  he bought it before he even knew that it was a map of portland.  i was pleased to see that it even includes our small town in the southern suburbs! tres cool! it’s covered in stickies with peoples names on them, perhaps friends of the previous owner.  it reminds me of the map we used to have of oakland county, but not quite as awesome, as this one doesn’t roll up and retract, but very awesome, none the less.  in total we spent less than $20, quite thrifty indeed!

❤ betty

p.s. i did make a dress and a curtain! see my next post!!


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dear mae,

i don’t know who in the world decided that every apartment home in america needed white and wood two tone doors on all of their cabinets, but i’m putting a stop to it.  america, if you are listening, you need no longer to be oppressed by ivory laminate and faux wood veneers!! i say, off with your doors! open up, and express yourself! don’t let some grumpy designer stuck in 1991 dictate your kitchen.

that being said, i’ve had six, count them, six different apartments with the same appalling cabinets, some even worse, and i swear i never will again.  this is a rental, keep in mind, so as much as i would like to, i am not able to give this kitchen a complete over-haul and tear everything out and start anew.  problem, meet solution. take down the doors.  i take great care in picking out my dinnerware and glasses, so why not show them off?  i’ve kept the doors on the lower cabinets where i store things like pots and pans and dog food, and on my pantry so i can still have some privacy.

the only downfall to having open shelves vs cabinetry is keeping everything neat and tidy.  i’m usually pretty convulsive about this, but i can see where it would be a problem for less anal people.  i have a few tips:

  • don’t worry so much about putting “like with like.”  i’ve got all of my coffee and tea stuff together, but other than that it’s mostly a free for all.  it’s not really a showcase, so don’t worry about having a “spot” for everything, just put it where it fits.
  • if you want to show off bowls and other dishes, stick the biggies in the smallies, it gives you more height and shows off all of the different colors and patterns.
  • if you live in a rental, keep your doors somewhere safe, you want that security deposit back, and i’ve hidden the hardware in a cruet that i never use on the shelves so it won’t get lost.
  • buy pretty stuff! i never buy something unless i find it absolutely adorable.  why should a cake pan be clear glass? and why do people have mugs with stupid phrases on them? metal pie tins? no thank you.
don’t even look at those ugly doors anymore, shove them in a closet, or better yet, throw them out the window if you can, just don’t be a slave to a bad kitchen.
❤ forever-n-ever,

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dear mae,

on a recent trip to the goodwill, i found the cream of my pyrex crop. crazy daisy is my favorite pattern, because it’s the one that my mom had when i was growing up.  she passed down to me the largest and smallest bowls from the princess nesting set, and i use them daily.  the largest size is perfect for brownie mix, or a big summertime salad, and the smallest is the best little cereal bowl.   just recently i came across the missing two bowls from my set, sitting all lonely on the shelf at goodwill.  i almost cried when i spotted them,   sitting there in their olive 1970’s dreamy-ness.  ever since i adopted them into my collection they have spent more time on my coffee table full of chips, or on the counter holding bananas than on the shelf with the rest of their friends.

i’ve still got my eye’s peeled for the crazy daisy refrigerator dishes, but it seems there are some other collectors scouting my local thrifts, but little do they know, i’ve got an inside man!

<3, betty

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a lesson on pyrex serveware!! pyrex is maybe one of my all time favorite things. ever. i started collecting it when i was reminded of my mom’s old green mixing bowl with the little white daisies that we used to make brownies in when i was a child, and now i can’t hold back!

i scour the cookware shelves at thrift stores and become elated when i find something rare at garage sale prices.  my school of thought in general, in life, in design is, if it’s something that you have to have something (i.e. underwear, bowls, a casserole dish) why shouldn’t it be purely adorable?

and this stuff is, i assure you, adorable as well as highly useful.  i had to do my dishes so i could photograph the dishes i used for last nights dinner and this morning’s cereal. there are literally thousands of different pieces, with dozens of patterns, all oven and microwave safe!

p.s. i have a round clear pyrex bowl that i think i somehow acquired in chicago that used to belong to you.

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