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dear mae,

i’m getting down to the wire, and to be honest, it’s boring. this may or may not be the last time in my entire life that i can actually claim boredom.  i put together a nice “mom look” today to go run some errands and clean house (i hate the term nesting).  i put my hair up in a turban threw on some eyeliner and lipstick (as i was running out the door to catch the bus), i’m really stretching my maternity wardrobe now (literally, these pants are barley holding at the seams, i didn’t realize that this big belly came with a matching butt and thighs).

vintage scarf courtesy of a new dress a day giveaway!

holy crap stunned look on my face.  that is a huge belly.

and nothing better than a wack-a-doodle self portrait to make your own mom look more normal.

anyway, i’m down to the final stretch, only 23 days until my due date, so basically any day now! i can hardly believe it! i’ve made a few minor adjustments in the nursery i plan on sharing with you before the week is through assuming i don’t get caught up in the rest of my to do list, or something even more exciting!

❤ betty

p.s. have you seen my nursery on apartment therapy? i’m pretty proud!


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dear maemers,

it just occurred to me that the last pictures i posted of myself were the first ones i took of my teeny tiny bump, and gosh do i look different now!  i apologize, but you have no idea how hard it is to get dressed when your size changes every other week. i mostly (even though i promised it wouldn’t) just wear pj’s around the house to avoid buying a whole new wardrobe for just a couple of seasons.  however, i did find this lovely frock hanging out in the back of my closet, and by glory it fits! and looks nice to boot! it used to belong to my mom and she handed it over to me a couple of years ago. the last time she had worn it she was pregnant with my baby (22 year old) brother.

huh, from the backside, i don’t even necessarily look pregnant!

oops, i spoke too soon!
and a little fisheye action on the bump.

the weather is finally warming up and more importantly drying out here, and has inspired me to at least do my hair from time to time which makes all of the difference even with my work attire or maternity jeans and tee shirts.  only one month left until i have my body back to myself and i get to start shedding my maternity butt, and squeezing back into some of my old clothes! oh yeah, and of course meeting my amazing little fella!



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