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hey mae!

ever sinse we started this blog, i have wanted to write about my absurd obsession with pitchers.  it’s something about that spout, or that handle, or the widespread variety of shapes, colors, textures, and uses.  they scatter around my home, completing tasks, not limited to holding knitting needles, flowers, and paintbrushes, serving up lemonade and beergaritas, creaming coffees and just sitting around looking adorable.  most of them are vintage, but i don’t discriminate against the new either.  the blend of old and new, big and small, decorative and utilitarian, makes for a terrific and interesting display.  i think i somehow managed to gather all of them together, tomorrow i’ll find one that i missed.

mix and match coffee/tea service, with peices from dixie land flea market, leon and lulu, ‘half off’ and heather flechsig.
golden foiled coffee carafe makes a delightful martini pitcher! ‘half off,’ and my little brother
pitchers i use almost every day for lemonade and iced tea from garage sales, crate and barrel, ‘half off’ and gramma
non vintage pieces that still hold their own against antiques, from crate and barrel, mae and gramma

even a glass of water is classy when poured from a beautiful vessel full of ice and sliced lemons!

❤ betty


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