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mae, it started with a series of uneventful nights, lacking substance or something to do. too many nights of sitting in front of the television without enough cash to go out, led to my vast assortment of new and vintage board games, which in turn led to ‘family game night.’ about once a week we have company and choose a board game to give a little structure to our night. it’s a great opportunity to get everyone together for some friendly competition over a few cocktails and some snacks.  you can have your own game night, just choose a game, (or ask guest to bring one of their favorites) get everyone together, and then play it! it’s really my simplest entertaining idea, because the game itself does all of the grunt work for you!

even when we don’t have company, tom and i have been known to play battleship or put together a puzzle rather than watching reruns on television.  i found most of these games at thrift stores or garage sales, mostly ranging from fifty cents to five dollars.  so the next time you are out thrifting, make a stop in the toy isle, where there is sure to be a evening of fun just waiting in a brightly colored box!!

❤ betty


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just because we are grown ups, and have no children of our own, doesn’t mean we can’t get all goofy, eat candy and dye eggs for easter!  this weekend could have possibly been the best weekend so far this year. the weather was perfect, i had all of my besties, and to top off the whole thing, egg dying party.  

in order to throw your own eggstraordinary egg party, don’t forget to get the vinegar, booze, and snacks so that you don’t have to move your whole party to hollywood market half way through. i would also recommend boiling the eggs and making sure you have enough clean mugs before your guests arrive, so you can spend more time gabbing, and less time prepping.   other than that, pop some billy vaughn on the turntable and let the sugar-sweetened blue-fingered booze-fueled color magic unfold!

there is nothing classier than a kitchen table full of ladies, drinkin, smokin, gabbing and eating chocolate covered peeps!

<3, betty

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