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dear mae,

last night i had a bit of a blast from the past when i found Unzipped on netflix.  that movie was such and inspiration to me when i was in college, i wanted to grow up to be isaac mizrahi.  i wanted his hair, his sunglasses, his job, his super model friends and posh lifestyle.  i still want his black laquer piano and his zebra skin rug.  the movie is phenomenal, if you haven’t seen it.  i love the styling of it, it’s gritty and dark and behind the scenes, with bursts of sunshine and color and glamour sprinkled throughout.  isaac cracks me up with his old movie quotes like “y’arn’t ever gorna leave this house…”

my favorite scene is in the beginning when isaac is confessing to his mother how he used to steal money from her every day as a child and was astonished to find out she never knew.  well, go ahead and watch it on netflix tonight and tell me what you think! i also saw a documentary on vidal sassoon that i might watch this afternoon before tomg gets home from work.


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hey betty!

i was feeling like one of the nardo gang today! since i mentioned the film ‘swamp diamonds’ in my vintage hair post, i’ve been wanting to watch it again. a quick run-down of what the movie is about, for anyone who’s not yet had the pleasure:

‘swamp diamonds’ follows a police woman, who hears of a potential jailbreak of the magically perfectly-groomed incarcerated nardo gang women. the gals are planning to go to a louisiana swamp, and unearth their hoard of diamonds that they hid before they landed in prison. she goes under cover as their new cellmate, and aides them in their jailbreak, so she might reclaim the stolen gems, and love, mystery, and action ensues!

after another exciting journey through the bayou with that gang of plucky felons, i had to dig in my closet and find my perfect ‘billie’ outfit for today!

day 11

red button-down, thrifted; jean shorts, cut-offs of jeans from high-school.

billie was my favorite of the characters, mostly because she had a similar hair style and a cute red shirt! even though this movie definitely falls under the heading of “really bad B movie” (there is a mystery science theater 3000 riffing of it, after all) it’s still one of my favorites for the butt-kicking ladies in their cute garb!

❤ mae

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are you running low on cash, but still want to spend a special night with your life partner? plan your own ‘dinner and a movie’ night! first, pick a movie, or a meal, or a theme, and run with it!  we started with a mexican theme.  we went out to trader joes, bought some vegitarian chariza, rented ‘the three amigos’ on netfix, adorned some sombreros and had ‘mexican night!’ we sipped wine while we heated our beans, and watched a movie while eating some delicious tacos with all of the fixin’s.  the best part about date night at home, is if your feeling a little frisky in the middle of the movie, you don’t have to wait until you get home!pick your own theme!

eat spaghetti with goodfellas

watch the exorcist and sip pea soup

enjoy some kung fu flicks over some chow mein

the options are limitless!

❤ betty

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