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some people may say, the best thing about being a woman is the ability to bear children/wear high heels/the prerogative to have a little fun. i say, it’s the ability to change my style at whatever whiff and woo, like fashion tether-ball.

right now, i’m into a punky, edgy-yet-soft look, and bright red lips fit right into that category! something about slicking on that cherry-bright lipstick with a floral dress or a well-worn nirvana tee shirt brings something really special to the outfit.

so what’s my favorite? well, i picked up three new shades to review for you!

wet n’ wild mega last lip color red velvet: ****/*****

this one goes on super-smooth after you warm it up a little. it feels like a nice chapstick texture on, and doesn’t slide all over your face! the one beef i have with it is the fact that, though it’s pretty tough through coffee and sandwiches, one bowl of cereal later it was gone. but at a respectable $2.99 a tube, it’s well worth the reapplication!

nyc ultra last lipwear red flame **/*****

well… once it dries… it’s okay. ultra last my foot; up to the drying point, you’ll find your lipstick all over your hand, your coffee cup, your steering wheel, your debit card, and the white dress you were thinking of buying. blot about 20 times and you miiiiiight avoid it, but just barely. it is 99 cents, so on a super tight budget it’s alright. but it’s much more worth it to save up for the $2.99 wet n’ wild for a cheap thrill!

covergirl outlast lipstain coy coral ****/*****

after a night out, i woke up to find this stuff still on! it’s seriously the longest lasting lip stuff you’ll find. so why four out of five stars? it’s not quite bright enough; it doesn’t have that opaque pop! that i was looking for. however, it tastes delicious and is slightly more subtle for a day time red lip.

so ladies, red up those lips, muss your hair a little, and rock out your inner punk!

❤ mae


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