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dearest betty,

chanel shows always make my skin prickle with awe. currently on their site is the paris-byzance 2011 ready-to-wear showing, and everything about it makes my heart leap to my throat.  the low, pulsing music is the perfect compliment to the energy: small, intimate, glamorous. the warm golds against the deep, black garments shine with a royal aura. the bejeweled models, layered in ropes of gems echo mademoiselle herself. it reminds me of the cover colors of the very biography i’m reading about coco right now (which, frankly, is the only coco bio you’ll ever need; it’s so comprehensive!)

the tights in these looks are what makes me swoon even more; kind of a gold lame tartan-esque tight that is combined fearlessly with the other patterns. it’s what has kept me interested in chanel: the ability to take a really classic, elegant look at make it slyly avant-garde.

and then there’s the clear nod to the 1960s, which i’m always fond of. a splash of pop color with a shift silhouette, and the boxy jacket with an asymmetrical line on the closure put me in mind of twiggy and jackie-o, brought into 2011. simply gorgeous! i get a lot of inspiration from these (and many more) chanel looks, and will be trawling my vintage shops asap for similar shifts and slacks!

❤ mae


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