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dear mae,

believe it or not, i’m still roaming planet earth, just a little more zombie like than before.  my world has been a whirlwind of doctors appointment’s, eating, sleeping, knitting and eating, a lot of eating.  every time someone says being pregnant gives me the goahead to eat whatever i want, i want to punch them. what it really means is i should be eating as well and as healthy as i can because i will be doing a lot of eating. even with that said i can no longer squeeze my butt into any of my pre-pregnancy pants, and barely into a skirt. my wardrobe is limited to baby-doll dresses and leggings. i look like the 90’s. now where’d that denim jacket go?

anywho, enough groaning. i did manage to come up with a recipe that i think everyone would enjoy! it may seem daunting to make your own granola from scratch, but it’s actually quite fun! i love to wander up and down the bulk foods isle at the supermarket choosing seeds and nuts and dried fruits to pair up.  i’m not a label snob (when it comes to food) but it’s nice to know every last ingredient in my breakfast cereal, and wonderful for those of you who are!


3 cups rolled oats

1 cup slivered almonds

1 cup pumpkin seeds

1 tsp ground cloves

1 tsp cinnimon

1 tsp ground ginger

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup dried blueberries

*note: most of these ingredients can be swapped, replaced, skipped, added to, ratios changed, whathaveyou. these are the ingredients i used for this particular batch, but i’ve made it with lots of different fruit/nut/seed combos, or try maple syrup instead of honey if its what you’ve got on hand, you could even add some chocolate chips if you wanted, yum! (even my measurments are approximate, i count 1 scoop at the bulk food isle to be about a cup.)

preheat your oven to 350.

mix your oats, nuts, seeds, spices and honey in a big bowl


spread it all out on a baking sheet

bake for about 10-15 minutes (i can usually tell it’s done when the whole house smells like cookies, but don’t let it burn!)

carefully transfer your granola to a bowl with a lid and stir in your fruits (and chocolate chips if you feel so inclined).  your granola can be kept in the fridge indefinitely, but i’m sure it won’t last that long!!Image

i usually eat mine in a bowl with soy milk, but it is also awesome on yogurt or ice cream.

give it a try! next time i think i’m going to try it with banana chips, maybe pistachios…. let me know if you try it, and what worked out for you!

❤ forever,



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dear mae,

last week when my mom was in town i got to play tourist in my own town.  i got to show her all of the things that i love about living in oregon, as well as discovering new things to love.  this includes the portland rose gardens.  there is no mystery to why portland is called the city of roses;  roses grow in the parks all over the city, in personal gardens, and near freeway off ramps.

the odor of the roses was so strong the moment we got to the gardens, you would have thought your nose was already pressed into the petals. the whole thing was absolutely astonishing.
oh! and the lovely 1950’s silk dress i’m wearing was a gift from my mom that we picked out from magpie in downtown portland. it’s perfectly lovely, but i spilled some coconut shaved ice down the front, so i already have to take it to the cleaners.  i guess i got the clumsiness from my mom as well!



p.s. i forgot to mention, the gardens are absolutely free to walk through, so if you are ever in the area be sure to check it out!!


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dear mae,

extreme makeover, bicycle edition! it’s been awhile since i’ve posted about my new favorite toy, and she’s gone through a slight overhaul.  i bought her a sweet little picnic basket for her back end,  rewired her brakes and transmission, as well as buying her a fantastic new (old)  cushy seat.  i ride this little gem everywhere, whenever i can, even though strangers on the street ask me where todo is. i don’t really get it, i’m pretty sure it was the wicked witch of the west rode a bike, not dorothy.  or maybe she did, i haven’t seen that movie in ages.

later this week her new handlebars should be arriving, they are some big huge cruiser style behemoths, and i can’t wait!

❤ per always,



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dear mae,

i don’t know if you know this, but i don’t have a driver’s licence.  it all started when we moved here on tom’s birthday, the day our plates on our car expired, and the day tom’s driver’s licence expired.  we figured once we got jobs and a steady income we would get new plates, and get tom road legal again.  then came december when our car insurance expired, then my birthday in march, when i became no longer legal to drive.  so, we don’t drive, at all.  the taurus is still sitting in our assigned parking space while it’s tires slowly leak air waiting for us to give it a better home, or get it some shiny new oregon state plates.

but in the meantime, i really don’t mind not driving.  i am more fit today than i was in high school from walking everywhere, and the public transit in this town is stellar, not to mention free, and last night, tom brought me home the most amazing gift a non-driver could ask for.

it’s a 1970’s schwinn varsity racing bike.  in bright yellow.  with one of those thingies for holding a milk crate on the back.

i am utterly smitten.  it needs some good lovin and some elbow grease, but it’s going to be a dream when it finally stops raining long enough to go for a ride.  i think i might scrub it down with a toothbrush this afternoon.

❤ betty

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dear mae,

i’m a slave to good looking labels. it’s no wonder why the people who design them get paid the big bucks.  i found at the grocery the other day, a particularly attractive six pack, and brought it home with me.  after a couple, i got the urge to cut up the cans, but i have approximately one million can ashtrays floating around, and heaven knows they are just taking up drawer space.  any who, i recalled finding a tutorial for a light switch plate cover, and thought, “gosh, wouldn’t it be classy to have one of those?” so i whipped one up! it was really fun and easy, but in my slightly intoxicated state, it came out a little crooked.

oh, and then i did make another ash tray, because you can never have too many.

❤ betty

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hey mae,

if you are anything like me, you have a problem throwing things away that still seem semi useful.  rubber bands, glass jars, old used screws, scraps of yarn; the garbage is no place for things like these.  i wish i could remember where i found this idea, but i thought it was super cool when i saw it and decided to snag it up and call it my own.

save up some of you old cans from veggies, pasta sauce, beans and what have you, clean and dry them, punch a hole in the bottom (i used a nail and a hammer to do this) and then screw them to the wall, easy as that.  my desk used to live under my can collection and it held pens, markers, and all sorts of desk gadgets, and now it is home to my collection of small balls of yarn!  it works perfect for this and reminds me of an artist pallet with dots of colors just waiting to become art.

❤ forever gurl!


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let it be cute!

dear mae,

i bought this fabric originally for the purpose of hanging it on the wall, and after it hung out there for a few months, it started beckoning to me to turn it into something more useful.  something i could sit on.  and after an afternoon of measuring, cutting and stitching phase 2 of chair redesign had been completed.

i really wanted to draft up a tutorial so you could try it out yourself, but forgot until i was half way done, so i dug this one up, from ready made magazine, it’s kind of reupholstery for dummies, i used a staple gun and needle and thread for more permanence.

❤ always,


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