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hey everyone! it’s almost the weekend, and it’s bright and sunshiny out; go out and have a ball!


this week, i have discovered the wonders of vintage ads. there are thousands of scans of ads dating back to the 1800s online, but i’ve found some of the most ridiculous come from right around the 40s and 50s. i’ve been printing them off like mad, and sticking them in parts of my house where they seem appropriate. (i actually have the meat one in my kitchen!)

my other love this week is old movies. i’ve been visually digesting old films like the last piece of cinematic pizza (i’m not sure if that’s a sturdy simile but i quite like it!) i rewatched rosemary’s baby, and have been working on audrey hepburn’s funny face and an american in paris. not only are the outfits in the movies divine, the old society charm is ever-present also, which makes me yearn for days of dressing for dinner!


while sick all last week, i fell in love with my afghan.  i’ve been crocheting a giant granny square with left over yarns for the past two or three years, and when i’m not working on it, i’m usually curled up in it on the sofa.  i was inspired by the afghans that tom’s mother and grandmother make out of random left over yarns, affectionately referred to as ‘double ugly,’ and boy are they cozy!!

its so funny that you mention old movies, because i wanted to do the same thing! also while sniffling and sneezing inside my blankie last week i spent a lot of time scouring netflix for old moves i had never seen before, and just playing random movies because i liked the cover art.  some were amazing, others, not so amazing.


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it’s friday, and of course it means it’s petits fours day! check back every friday for our latest loves, and now the edition of weekend links: fun things for you to check out over a lazy weekend.

today’s petits fours is particularly exciting, because we have a guest star, cait nash! cait is a part-time workin’ girl, full-time student, and full-time adorable hipster.


hey ladies!

i’ve been thinking a lot about body types lately. it seems like america has started to come to terms with the idea that beauty is more than size 2 models. which fills my soul with joy, let me tell you. as a woman with a rather strange body composition, i’m constantly on the lookout for fashion forward looks that actually flatter my body. even better, styles that flatter all bodies! and i’ve found one. high waisted skirts! they give you a totally groovy retro look, and play up feminine curves. or, in my case, creates them. i inherited my figure, or lack thereof, from my mother. my good friend kevin has a nicer figure than i do! anyway, i totally suggest wearing a brightly colored high waisted skirt with a plain white or grey tee shirt tucked in! ooh la la.

i’m also totally obsessed with drinking coffee. i drink a half-pot almost every day, and i like to think i’ve perfected the art of a perfect brew. what i like to do is use one of those scoops that come in the coffee tins, a slightly heaping scoop per two cups of coffee. next, sprinkle just a tad bit of sea salt on top of the grounds. betty’s mama suggested this to me, and it totally cuts the bitterness of the coffee. after that, sprinkle on ground cinnamon, then swirl the filter around until it’s decently mixed. pop it in your coffee maker, and enjoy!


this week, i am in total lust of cute tea cups. no matter which thrift store you pop into, there’s always a barrage of pretty little cups and saucers that seem to scream “hello, purchase me!” and the best part? they’re generally below $4, and teeming with that classy, old-time feel. nothing compliments your afternoon tea like a cup that makes you feel special!

i’ve also rediscovered my sewing machine in a big, bad way. i’d put off sewing for about a year (honestly, how could i?!) because my machine is a bit bumpy and awkward. but i’ve come into loving it again, because despite it not being my mom’s amazing machine, it can sew a straight line like a champ!


after a super unfortunate event earlier this week, i discovered why i should love my aprons just a little bit more.  lets just say the end result is swimming in a sink full of oxyclean at this moment.  so, i vow to put on an apron every time i step into the kitchen to further prevent wardrobe disaster!  they give me a touch of that 1950’s housewife look that i adore and make me feel just a touch domestic, even when i make dinner out of a box.

weekend links

cut out and keep tons of crafting ideas from clothing to home decor to creative finger nail painting ideas!

À bout de souffle a 1960s french drama with all the essential elements: love! crime! betrayal!

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since it’s our first week getting down to business, we’d like to introduce you to friday petits fours! every friday, we’ll give you four little dainty morsels in the form of things that each of us are loving this week/month/year/lifetime. and then, we would love to hear your talk-back! tell us what you’re loving today, this week, or whenever! we hope to make this a way for you to tell us what you’re obsessed with.


this week i have been wearing what i call my “nerd specs” pretty much non-stop! they’re a pair of non-prescription glasses that i picked up for very cheap. for whatever reason, when i pop them on, i feel like a new york hipster in a greenwich village cafe. or like i could be bobbing my head quietly along to my wednesday morning, 3 am simon and garfunkel album.

my other l.o.t.w. (love of the week) is painting my nails with not one, not two, but 10 different colors! and not really taking the route of painting them painstakingly so much as jabbing my little lacquer wand haphazardly in the direction of my nails and hoping for the best! it always comes out like some sort of splash-art piece, and generates a bunch of  really flattering compliments.


i bought this mascara out of necessity. i had left my makeup bag at cait’s house and i needed mascara post-haste. i didn’t want to spend much on it, because i knew i would be getting mine back in a few days, but mascara is my number one makeup necessity. i will never claim to be high maintenance, and a two step mascara is something i wouldn’t normally purchase, but this stuff is awesome! it really does provide the “volume+length” the bottle promises!  even so, i love it for getting glam super lashes that are even noticeable behind my lenses.

secondly, with summer just around the corner every gal needs a selection of jewels for spicing up a simple summer shift.  these are just a few of my very favoritest vintage pieces.  found at estate sales, thrift stores and grandma’s jewelry box, i didn’t spend more than $8 for any one piece.  i’ve heard that you are to examine your ensemble before leaving the house and remove one item. i say add one!!

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