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dear mae,

i love love love halloween! i mean, really other than tom, who doesn’t? i know it’s about 30 days early, but florence is already in costume.  she’s made a darling femme doctor, tom baker style, complete with scarf, curls, hat and a time-lady twist.

i think if i end up going out this year, i might strip her down and steal her costume, after all, she is wearing all my clothes. (the scarf belongs to my brother, but i’m sure he doesn’t mind us playing dress up in it!)  what are you doing for halloween?

❤ betty

p.s. i’m really looking for a red mini dress, because tom said he wanted to go as star trek red shirts, but that dress is very hard to find. as is red double knit polyester and a pattern to stitch one up myself.


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dear mae,

gosh i’m lucky to have a roommate like florence, she loves to play dress up and doesn’t give any lip.  she’s clean and keeps to herself, but alas, doesn’t help much with the rent.  today we played queens of the mods in some brightly colored 1960’s floral frocks!  she looks so smart in her new eva gabor wig.

florence is wearing the dress you bought me from carnaby street in london, and like the my size barbie’s from childhood, she is much tinier than me, and it’s all pinned up in the back, but at least i’ve got two arms and all of my fingers and toes.
i bought my dress at a thrift store a few years back, probabally salvation army, but who can remember?

when i started coloring my hair, i had a problem with wearing reds and pinks, with my red hair and pink skin, but i’ve learned to embrace the monochromatic look.  i’ve even taken a great shinning to wearing red lipstick, which i had never been brave enough to pull off.

nowadays there is no color that scares me, other than white, but i don’t really count that as a color.



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