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i’m something of a serial hair changer. i usually can’t stand to have the same style for more than a few months. black, blonde, white, auburn. short, long, middle-length, shaven bald. fashion-mullet, mohawk, pixie. i can honestly say i’ve had nearly every hairstyle out there.

there’s always been quite a connection with women and hair. hair is associated with womanly qualities such as fertility, beauty, and ultimately, femininity. this is ingrained in us gals at a young age, with images of cinderella, rapunzel, barbie, and a cavalcade of other female leads with flowing tresses, as the picture of lady-like beauties. as you age, you see long, lustrous, gorgeous hair in nearly every product advertisement, from clothing and make up to types of liquor, promising sex appeal and womanliness. in a time not so long ago as you may think, a form of punishment for women was to cut off all of their hair, thus stripping of their crown of glory and creating shame. hair amplification and hair loss products exist all over the market to ensure that our marker of womanly desirability remains intact. as you can see, hair is very close to a woman’s heart, and you don’t need to see a lady in tears over an accidental extra inch removed at a salon to know that.

i feel i can speak testaments about how people are psychologically affected by a woman who has various lengths of hair. when i chose to shear my hair completely off, the reactions in public were disturbing at best. people would look at me as if i were pitiable and diseased, and i once had a truck-full of young boys yell “MAN OR WOMAN?!” at me when i was biking. old men would call me a little tomboy and tell me i would be much more lovely with hair. it was heartbreaking to see that something so superficial could produce such a visceral response in some.

it irritates me that people responded so negatively because of how i feel about my short hair. i feel the most feminine and delicate, yet bold, vivacious, and lovely when my hair is cropped up in a short, wispy pixie cut. with my hair off my neck i feel that i’m no longer hiding who i am from the world, and that i’m free to really shine. to me, that is the marriage femininity and strength.

for more perspective on short haired women, check this out!

-<3<3 mae


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