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this weekend tom and i took a day trip to east lansing. it’s probably my most favorite city in michigan.  there is amazing shopping just across the street from beautiful tree laden parks.  tom and i spent hours wondering through the botanical gardens, well tended by university students.  we spent a lovely hour or so sitting under a tree in a park, not at all crowded by the dozens of college students doing the same.  there is plenty to do and see on and off michigan state’s campus including museums, potter park zoo, and vintage book and clothing stores.

this weekend also happened to be the east lansing art fair, where a nation of artisan come together with musicians and food vendors to create a wonderful annual event.  i could have spent millions on all of the beautifully handcrafted ceramics and hand dyed yarns!

❤ betty


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hey betty! i’ve been significantly absent lately, but i have a pretty amazing reason: jon and i decided it was time to drive two states away for the weekend, and check out the amazing city of minneapolis!

minneapolis is loaded with midwestern charm, and northern-state hipsters, all surrounded by about a million quaint, locally-owned coffee shops and irish pubs. it’s a totally comfortable city that has a long street of music venues, a lot of which host little intimate shows. most amazingly to me, there’s a few ‘pedal pubs,’ which are basically open-air buses that you pedal while you have a pint, and a sober guy who must love his job drives using your power! and of course, nestled between the two sports stadiums are a bundle of vintage shops full of gorgeous dresses and housewares. there’s completely no shortage of entertainment.

i’ve lived in a few different cities, from chicago, illinois to växjö, sweden, and i must say… i love minneapolis!

❤ mae

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