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hey betty! phew, doesn’t life get busy during the summer? i’ve been traveling a lot lately (more on that later), and in between flights and miles of miles on the road, i picked up a book to kill time. it ended up being a tremendous read, as most things about coco chanel are.

it’s a brief history of coco chanel (which is largely tall-tales and embellishments of her actual life, which is yet shrouded in mystery) along with a tongue-in-cheek way to carve out your own place in the fashion world à la coco. to me, the best part was the section on how to cultivate your own sense of style on your own terms. in the age of the internet, it has become so simple to fall back on your muses, using them as templates rather than inspiration. the gospel according to coco thrusts you forward, encouraging you to determine your look, and buck the trends.

i found it tucked in the ‘self improvement’ section of barnes and noble, and knew i needed it. self help, self improvement… those are the types of books that are my complete weakness, and i’m not sure why! there’s some sort of awesome, warm & fuzzy feeling you get when you read self improvement books; you feel like you could take on the whole world!

❤ mae


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dear betty,

oh my gosh, i just heard about the greatest thing ever: amy sedaris is publishing a new book! i remember when we lived in chicago, i would always leaf through your copy of “I Like You, Hospitality Under the Influence” and laugh like a drone. of course, i had to go out and get my own copy, which has taken up permanent residence on my coffee table, and always draws curiosity. it’s basically the perfect book: hilarious grooming advice, party ideas for any and every occasion, recipes, and not to mention the decorating advice that i’ve used in my own apartment.

my crazy stitch felt creatures from “I Like You”

so i knew you would be as excited as i am that she’s coming out with a craft book! it’s called “Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People” and from what i can tell, it’s going to be just as good as her first. i read on amy’s fan website (www.amysedarisrocks.com) an entry about the book, and one of her suggestions to cultivate creativity is to “buy fruit, let it get old, and see what shapes it turns into.” and of course there are the craft-aisle classics, like pipe cleaner projects and crepe paper moccasins.

it got me to thinking about making up my own “amy sedaris” crafts, which of course involves a lot of recycling of normal things around the house. So I made up: a beer can wreath, or decoupage toilet seat covers, or maybe bottle cap shower curtain overlay. so goofy but it’s such a cool way to make something cheap and original.

i can’t wait for the book to come out! we’ll have to get together and have a craft-along!

-<3 ❤ mae

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