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dear mae,

i don’t know if you are aware, but i am terrible at baking. i can make some dry chewy cupcakes, whip up a cake that is both burnt and under cooked, or make a sheet of rock hard sugar cookies, but this doesn’t prevent me from trying to make an oven fresh snack from time to time.  i never bake from scratch because i end up wasting a pound of flour, half a dozen eggs, a whole bag of sugar… whatever it was that i threw together in that bowl, so i opt for something out of a box.  if i’m feeling mighty crazy i’ll add something special to at least make it look homemade. maybe some craisins.   being in some sort of autumnal spirit i whipped up a box, i mean loaf, of pumpkin bread with surprisingly tasty results!

put this junk in the pan, then bake it in the oven. don’t bake the beer. drink the beer while baking, or cheap wine, it’s up to you.
try not to bake eggshells and other foreign objects into cakes or loafs.

if you are good enough at following simple directions you might just end up with a tasty end product looking something like this:

hey! i didn’t even burn it!

the best part about box baking is that i can put it together while carrying an attention starved baby while doing the dishes and photographing the whole disaster. i may not be a domestic goddess, but i am certainly a domestic person.





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dear mae,

i recently purchased the august 1966 issue of better homes and gardens.  i love love love reading old magazines! the articles about how to clean your husbands socks, what are the new and hip wedding gifts,  and how to encourage good posture in your children will seemingly never go out of date, nor will that sideways wall mounted pink refrigerator! the best/worst part of magazines from the fifties and sixties are the recipes.

the first image here is some kind of lemon orange jello mold with mixed can fruit and mini marshmallows.  not too icky, until you top it with cream cheese and shredded cheddar. werid.
the center recipe is frozen mayonnaise  filled with canned fruit and cream cheese. barf.
the last recipe is another fruit filled jello, topped with sour cream (had whipped cream not been invented yet?) and mini marshmallows. close, but still not quite right…

all of these ideas are about 1 step away from sounding delicious, but i do like the idea of taking a prepackaged food or dessert mix and turning it into something a little closer to home made.  so i’ve been doing just that! here is the deliciousness that i have created!

recipe courtosy of kraftrecipies.com

what you need to make it

  • 2 pkg.pumpkin spice pudding mix
  • cinnamon
  • 2 cups cold milk
  • 1  grahm cracker pie crust
  • 1 tub whipped cream
what you need to do to make it

beat dry pudding mixes, cinnamon and milk with whisk 2 min.; spread 1-1/2 cups onto bottom of crust.  stir 1-1/2 cups whipped cream into remaining pudding; spread over layer in crust. top with remaining whipped cream. chill 1 hour. Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg before serving

yum-tastic, and super easy!

<3, betty

oh, if anyone is interested in the actual recipes from he magazine for any reason, i would be happy to share them as the picture i took of the magazine doesn’t read very well.

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dear mae,

i love love love halloween! i mean, really other than tom, who doesn’t? i know it’s about 30 days early, but florence is already in costume.  she’s made a darling femme doctor, tom baker style, complete with scarf, curls, hat and a time-lady twist.

i think if i end up going out this year, i might strip her down and steal her costume, after all, she is wearing all my clothes. (the scarf belongs to my brother, but i’m sure he doesn’t mind us playing dress up in it!)  what are you doing for halloween?

❤ betty

p.s. i’m really looking for a red mini dress, because tom said he wanted to go as star trek red shirts, but that dress is very hard to find. as is red double knit polyester and a pattern to stitch one up myself.

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dear mae,

you know it’s that time of year, the time of year when you tuck away all of those light, summery dressses into boxes and bins under beds, and in basements, to make room for all of the heavy knits and wools of fall…. or we can squeeze a few more wears out of our summer clothes with just a bit of creative accessorizing and layering:

  • try a long sleeve tee under a sundress for a jumper look
  • keep those gams toasty under some tights, leg warmers, leggings or tall socks
  • the shoes make the outfit! wear a sundress with some galoshes or boots
  • cardigans, jackets, and blazers can warm up any look
  • add a hat and a scarf, then go check out those blushing elms!
i’ve never been lucky enough to have a rotating wardrobe, with exception of a few heavy knits, but being thrifty has gotten me a lot more wear out of my clothes.
all you need is a little color coordination and make anything fit with the season.
 ❤ betty

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dear mae,

i love fall! socks, loafers, cardigans, i could go on…. it’s getting chilly out here already, and at the first sign of cool weather i break out some knee socks.  so, maybe it’s not really chilly, but it’s definitly not hot out.  so maybe i’ll sport a summer dress, with some fall footwear.  i think it’s because i got a pumpkin spice latte the other day, (and every day since!) but i’m in the mood for some fall fashions!!

i found this dress on a table with a sign that said “pay what you’d like”  in front of bohemian vintage. at that time it was a full length mu-mu, with long sleeves.  just a few snips and a bit of a nip, it’s a lot more fashionable!

in other news, i can’t seem to make my hair into a proper bouffant without it parting down the middle about an hour after teasing it like crazy.  i think i might need to go get some more hairspray.

❤ always,


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