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dear mae,

while baby is due in a mere 12 days (!!!!) i can’t stop trying to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for him.  boiling bottles, sizing onesies in the closet, buying things like nipple cream (tmi?).  gosh, it’s a whole lot of things you never thought you would see yourself doing.  it sometimes freaks me out, i know tom gets weirded out with the talk of breast pumps and diaper cream, but soon enough these will be everyday normal things around here…. les sigh… parenthood.

but anyway, there is a much more adorable side of pending motherhood and it is all at the end of the hallway in the nursery:

tom and i have always collected vintage board games and for the last couple years we haven’t really been playing them, but the boards themselves make fantastic art.  they are just loosely pinned to the wall so we can take them down if we ever want to play risk or clue or go for broke.  plus my granny square afghan is getting really big! I’m intending on working on it and using it for “tummy time” in the living room until i either run out of yarn (ha) or get bored with it (more likely).
i love these old fisher price toys from goodwill  and i was so excited to get a sophie giraffe at my baby shower! i’m sure she’s gonna get lots of lovin’ and squeezin’!lots of books, with lots more to come i’m sure! my favorite toy is the set of blocks hiding away in the big red basket with the monkey, oh, and the otter pops box is full of matchbox cars that tom has been buying since we found out we were pregnant.

i think the nursery might be done… i keep saying that, and then making another big change.  the dresser is still quite ugly and is awaiting some kind of inspiration. i’m thinking perhaps wood-grain contact paper stripes… or something…

well, just maybe my next post will be an introduction to my little guy, who knows?

❤ betty

p.s. you can see more pictures at apartment therapy, but i wish i would have had the foresight to wait until the room was more complete before submitting it!


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dearest mamers,

i know i was wearing this dress in my last post, but it is so damn cute i can barley peel it off my body.  it fits like a dream and has so many happy colors!! i can’t resist it hanging there in my closet, so it hasn’t spent much time in there.  i wasn’t feeling as cocky as the other day when i sported it with my pink turban headscarf and pearls, so this time i kind of toned it down with some grey and navy accessories.

we were at the portland museum of art to see ‘the allure of the automobile’ witch i have plenty of pictures of, but that’s another post.  there were a couple of paintings that really caught my eye, and i thought of sharing them with you first!

i heard a nearby couple giggling as i explained to tom about how this painting reminds me of my coffee from starbucks.  the green logo, the pink lipstick and the yellowish coffee dribble.

i almost expect to see my awkward reflection in the side of this car when i gawk at its photo-realism.

anywho, i hope it’s alright that i didn’t reference any of the artists’ names or the actual names of these paintings, because i didn’t read any of the little placards next to the pieces.



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and dearest mae,  if you fail two more times, stop wasting your time, it isn’t meant to be. i acquired a huge skein of pink yarn and thought it perfect for my first knitted sweater.  i did attempt one in the past, but i didn’t know what i was getting myself into and ended up with a too-short, too-frumpy one-sleeve-too-long disaster.   this time was going to be different.  i found the perfect pattern, and even figured out how to add my own motif, knitted a swatch, and i’m much better at reading patterns by now.  but evidently not that much better.  attempt number one left me about a quarter of the way down before i realized that something was going wrong.  i reluctantly pulled the whole thing apart.  not a tear shed, and i started again.

it was going to be so cute too! pink boat neck with two dancing daleks on the chest, with a diamond lace pattern on the shoulders and back.

any-who, to make a long story short, i did the same thing on the second try.  i messed up the whole lace patten in the back resulting in a weird twisted mess.  i didn’t want to break my own heart a third time so i’m making something else, but i am committed to knitting something pink with a knitted red dalek on it.  so that’s not really giving up, right?

❤ betty

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instant memories

Dear mae,

tom and i went shopping in portland today and noticed a curiosity common among vintage stores.  boxes labeled “instant memories” or “instant relatives” or something witty like that filled with old photos.  i can’t help but sift though them.  i’ve seen a lot of weird old prom and wedding photos discarded in those boxes, senior pictures and proud papas, even when the photography is less than skilled the charm of the faded colors, and trendy at the time fashions make these little works of art.  sometimes i just have to keep digging until i find the perfect tiny portrait.  the guy in the shop said these ladies looked like the “entertainment” at the old folks home.

to me, they look like future past you and i.  just a couple of classy old broads getting their drink on and showing a little leg in a motel room with some old guy.  lets be besties until we look like this.

❤ always,


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hey betty!

i know it’s rather “hipster” of me, but i’ve caught the toy camera bug. toy cameras are plastic (and frankly, cheap-o), vintage-style cameras that take photos on lower-speed film. the result is something kind of grainy, with leaks of light and just an all-around ethereal quality.

my toy camera is a hodar x-700, which i found at st. vincent de paul for $2.00. if you don’t feel like digging incessantly for months to find one (which is what i did; toy cameras go fast!) you can check out either the holga or diana models of cameras. they’re a bit more pricey, and use a bit more pricey film, but are worth it for the cool effects! check out light leaks magazine, or lomography.com for more info on getting the 70s lo-fi look!

❤ mae

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dear mae,

a few days ago, i was yearning for my home decor of the past, and like many a woe, i quick trip to the goodwill solved everything.   i picked up a couple more picture frames, and a new (old) lamp, and i’m just pleased as a peach.  it is for me, how you would feel after getting a great deal on a vintage dress, or a real hip pair of shoes.

i added a most classy playboy bunny circa 1965, and a clipping from mccalls march 1960 issue.  really adds a bit of pizazz.

another clipping from an old playboy. the caption reads, “yes, madam, i’m sure he’s in the bath.” oooh risqué!
i don’t know if this photo does this lamp justice, it is humongous! i felt really cool riding home on the bus with it in the seat beside me, humming the theme to i dream of jeanie.

if i were you, i might go to your local thrift and pick up some frames for all of those weird old ads you collect, they are way more dramatic framed in a group than thumbtacked to the wall.  sometimes i even keep the picture that came with the frame in it, as in that weird family portrait.

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dear mae,

when we moved into this apartment, the walls were bare, white and naked…. there was alas, not enough room in the taurus for all of the gorgeous art i had collected over years of garage sales, thrift shopping and amateur painting.  however, this does leave me an awesome opportunity to start from scratch.  so far we have acquired an embroidered clock, a weird old family portrait, and a promotional poster of a one, mr. richard nixon.  aside from that, i have hung some fabric on the wall as a tapestry/wall mural and a pile of lumber and picture frames ala anthroploige.  it seems like it might take me a dozen years to get my wall art to the museum state i had in detroit, but it sure is neat rummaging though stacks and piles of weird old portraits, cheesy landscapes and inspirational posters at my local thrift in search of something to complement my new home.

our old apartment, with our lovely furniture, and lovely, lovely arts.
a few new pieces, including a turkey in a suit clipped from a magazine and framed.

i’ll be sure to keep you updated as i add to my art wall, you know i won’t stop until it’s full, but then i will just move on to a bigger and better wall, i suppose!

❤ betty

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