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dear mae,

i don’t often get a chance to shower these days, i’m on a disgusting every third day rotation.  this however does leave me about 5 minutes to pull my hair up into a fantastical beehive occasionally.  i also might mention that i haven’t colored my hair in over two months. yikes! looks like i might be a mousy brunette before i get to get ginge again.  let me know if you care to make a donation to the get ginge foundation, otherwise i might just let it all grow out, for now at least…


tom calls this my hulk dress because i ripped the sleeves off and never hemmed the armholes. i have a sot of maternal add. never get around to finishing anyth….



i also might mention that my unofficial photoshop has “expired” and i don’t care to purchase it so i have been using pixlr for my photo editing and filters.




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